The Kindness of Strangers

Last night, I was driving home from visiting friends near Saratoga Springs. I got as far as Amsterdam, still about two and a half hours from home, and my oil light came on. I knew a gas station was coming up and drove in to check things out. It did look low, so I went in to see if they sold oil. A kind woman asked what I needed and I went back out to get my car manual since I'd not found that when I had looked. She found it and then offered to help. I must admit I have not even checked my oil in years, so I accepted gratefully! Another woman who was buying her gas offered to help as well and, when we could not get the oil cap off, the woman asked a guy who also was trying to pay for his gas to help! Well, we got it done. She was so kind. Even offered me a coffee or water for the rest of my ride. I think she gave the guy back some money from his gas payment to thank him! She refused extra money from me.

What a blessing! And, I was reminded that it is a blessing to both give and receive. I am so grateful for her kindness.

While the news focuses on horiffic acts of hate and violence, let's remember that, each day, a million kindnesses also occur. May I remain open to those acts and increase my awareness of them.