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    Compassion is the lamp for my soul.

    Lighting my path, showing the way.

    Stopping my falling into the ego pit.


    A neutral guide, devoid of judgment.

    A gentle focus when distractions abound.


    Without compassion, I would be in darkness

    Afraid, alone, without direction.


    I am blessed.




    Listen to me as one listens to the waves

    striking the shore and returning to the sea.

    A rhythm that soothes the soul.


    Let my words also soothe.

    Feel their compassionate flow.


    Let the undercurrent surface and be faced

    with openness and honesty.


    May you hear my heart murmur its love.


    May your body sense the fullness of my yearning

    To connect with you soul-to-soul

    To swim together as one.


    Measure for Measure

    Measure for Measure


    What if I were a measuring cup?

    I’d be sky blue fit for a sunny day.

    I’d measure out just the right amount of sunshine.

    Add a few clouds to produce many cups of raindrops.

    Just enough for the hungry tomatoes

    I’d encourage a little more sugar for the cookies

    and fewer bitters for the cocktail mix.

    I would teach the value of good proportions

    and the wisdom of a balanced life.





    Every moment of a sunset differs.

    The sky moves from blue to pink to red back to darker hue.


    Perspectives vary with every second

    Of changing light.


    I marvel at the speed with which

    Mother Nature paints each new masterpiece,

    One more awesome than the last.


    All convincing me

    yet again

    how beautiful she is.

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  • broken image

    Light and Shadow


    Every person deserves a candle.

    To show the path

    To mellow the mood

    To lighten the heart

    To find perspective.


    A candle is simple, yet

    it throws a flame.

    It creates shadows

    or maybe highlights them.


    With a candle, I can

    celebrate a memory

    tell a story

    say goodbye

    say hello.


    And, when I blow it out,

    smoke lifts away the sorrow

    and darkness blankets my soul.