Is Winning the Only Game In Town?

Last night, in the last minute before the end of the game between Kansas City and Philadelphia, when the outcome was clear, as the two teams lined up facing each other for the last set of downs, they first shook each other's hands. I was touched by this genuine expression of common respect for one another as athletes. Football is a tough game, seething with testosterone. Hey, if I knew that carrying a pigskin would most likely lead to being flattened by another player coming at me at high speed, I'd want that testosterone, too.

Yes, in most games, there are winners and losers. But, maybe we apply that too much to everything in life? And, as this act at the end of a well-fought football game shows, there is no need to leave respect and appreciation for the other out of the game.

I find that most of life rarely has clear winners and losers. I personally prefer win-win whenever it is possible. Hey, we are all in this challenging game of life together. Let's find a way to work together to achieve our goals. Game on.