Consistent Inconsistencies

I was reflecting this morning on my inconsistencies. I am committed to protecting our environment and then jump on a plane. I say I love my neighbor and then judge harshly the person standing in front of me. Aware that what I eat affects my health, I crave a hamburger and french fries. Not good for me and not good for the environment!

I can choose to bemoan these inconsistencies and get stuck, or I can choose to keep trying. Christians are now in the middle of Lent and Ramadan will soon begin. Now is a good time to reflect on our consistent inconsistencies. In my childhood, I gave up something for Lent, like chocolate. I consistently forgot my decision. But, I remember I kept trying.

These days, I am less inclined to give things up and more drawn to engaging in spiritual practices that help me delve into the complexities of life. For me, this season of increasing warmth with shots of cold encourages me to acknowledge the inconsistencies without judging them so harshly. The Divine mysteriously embraces all. We are the ones who often insist on a straightforward path without detours. My challenge to myself this season is to accept all, floowing the example of the One who loves all. And, yes, I will fail often. But life is full of new beginnings. Amen.