A Safety Net

I'm giving a sermon this coming Sunday on faith, called, "The Delicate Balance of Faith." One of the topics I reflect on is that of a safety net.

I recently experienced a safety net. I was taking my new electronic vehicle on her first road trip. Nervous, I prayed for safety. I got a clear response: "Betty, it will be messy, but you will remain safe." Well, the return home was indeed messy, including a tow truck, but I made it home safely, mainly because at every point where I was near despair with cold attacking me and my car battery, strangers and friends were there to help me.

Faith is not complacency. I still had to do my part. But that message from the Divine kept me on course. And I've learned my lesson. Next trip, I'm renting a car. God likes it when we learn from our mistakes.

A safety net does not mean that we will get all we want. Or that we will not experience discomfort. For me, though, the safety net gives me the support I need to stay on the path and let others help me in that journey. And that makes all the difference.