Religion Matters

Religion matters. And that includes those who say they are "spiritual but not religions." It provides the core for our world view.

Look at the situation in the Middle East. The Hamas ideology is fixated on honor through death. Everone's lives, including those who do not accept this idealogy but are trying to live on the same land, matter less than this belief. I have heard some Israelis acknowledge that Hamas is an ideology that will not be destroyed by Israel. Yet, the leadership of Israel believes it can anihilate Hamas. How can bombs destroy an ideology?

Christians also are often encouraged by clergy to look toward the afterlife for comfort.

The Buddhists, instead, look at this moment. And, in this moment, each of us can decide for ourselves how we will act in this moment. We can dwell on hate. We can focus on past hurts. But Thich Nhat Hanh encourages us to realize that we have the power to make this moment one that embraces interbeing and the power of connection. We have all we need in this moment. We just need to be open. I'm not saying this openness is easy. But I believe it beats the alternatives.

What will you do in this moment?