Mother Nature

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We had warm temperatures yesterday (70!) and high winds. Our frozen end of the lake now looks like this.  As you can see, the wind and moving ice have destroyed ths dock. But, later, I saw bufflehead ducks swimming in the now open section. For them, an opportunity to rest.

This morning view led me to a reflection on control.  For so much of my life, I tried to control things. The lesson again and again was that there is very little I can control. The lake teaches me that every day.  I can learn to be a mindful observer, but I cannot control the wind and rain and ice movement.  I cannot control Putin, but I can pray for those suffering in Ukraine and celebrate the kindness given to Ukranian refugees. Some may say this is giving up, giving in, but for me belief in the goodness in the world and in me is a strong response.  

And, sometimes Mother Nature is unkind, as she was to this dock. Why? The reason is not for me to know. Life is a mystery.