Gun Licenses?

I really want some feedback here- I've been having many discussions with friends and acquaintences about gun violence. It seems we sometimes get caught in the difference between responsible gun ownership and violent use of guns. I for one am not advocating for elimnating gun ownership. I have no interest in using a gun, but I have friends who use them responsibly. I do, however, believe that we need to find ways to reduce the increasing number of lost lives and tramatized lives due to irresponsible gun use. We now accept the need for a license to drive a car- shouldn't we consider licenses to own and use a gun? I understand some states have "license to purchase," but I'm thinking we also need safety training. Very few states go beyond a simple application to purchase a gun.

The Gifford Law Center has some interesting data on the benefits of gun licensing. For exampe. homicides went down 28% after they passed a licensing law and suicides decreased by 33%. That's so many lives saved! So, what do you think?