Global Earth Exchange

Saturday, June 17 was Global Earth Exchange. You may not have heard of it, but check out the stories of thoes who participated at the web site It is part of the website Radical Joy owned by Trebbe Johnson. Trebbe has written the book, "Radical Joy for Hard Times." In it, she suggests we need to move past the concept of "sustainable environment" to that of "trasured environment." Advocates of sustainable environments tend to barrage us with facts and figures, which are important, but often lack the power to move us. But, if we are connected with our hearts to what we treasure, we may be more inclined to make the health of what we treasure a priority. So, let's treasure our earth! And, let's not just treasure our national parks and our seven wonders. Let's treasure the wounded parts of the earth, the treeless sections of mountains and the abandoned coal mines. Let's celebrate their continued beauty while also working every day to act in ways that keep us all healthier. Let's connect heat and mind, heart with heart.