Botanists tell us that the trees that are able to sway in the wind are less likely to topple over. I used to live among tall pines that swayed in the wind. They sometimes even sang as the wind blew through them. None fell during my stay there.

As I age, I'm realizing that I am less flexible. I've heard and believe for myself that flexibility becomes more difficult as we age. The decreased flexibility is certainly true in a physical sense. We need to consciously stretch muscles to maintin our ability to move and bend over. I've been reflecting more on my thoughts and feelings, however. In retirement, I've been able to read more and am hoping that keeps new ideas flowing. But, I seem to be struggling more with emotional flexibility. I'm catching myself less open to allowing others to be themselves. I need to think of exercises to help me be more flexible in accepting the world around me as it is, not as I want it to be. I think they call this wisdom.