Embracing "Not Knowing"

 This is what I shared in my reflection at th Palm Snday service at United Ministry of Aurora. 

As I reflected this past week on the Passion of Christ, two words kept surfacing- “not knowing.” A friend wrote these words  on a stone for me and I keep in a special place where I can see it often. What does it mean to embrace “not knowing?” Jesus was pretty sure his actions had angered the high priests enough to lead to his death, but he still did not know what would happen for sure, as his prayers in Gethsemane indicate. I believe that as he took on human form, he also accepted “not knowing.” We live today in dangerous times and the temptation is to try to control whatever we can. But, I encourage you to reflect on what impact embracing “not knowing” can have on your life. Let’s take a few moments of silence now to reflect on today’s readings and the example of Jesus.  

Embracing "not knowing" frees me to focus on the positive things I can do, rather than waste energy worrying about what I cannot know.  It's not that I can always do this, but even a few moments of letting go of the belief that I am in control of other's acetions makes a huge difference.