Divine Mystery

I am reading a book by Marcus Borg for one of my book clubs and therefore reflecting on how he addresses the divinity of Jesus. Who/what/where/why/how is the Divine? As I've grown older, I've become more convinced of one thing- how much I don't know. As a child, I was convinced that I only had to get older to be able to figure everything out. Surprise!

I've realized over time that trying to define God in human words is bound to fail.

As I meditated this morning, for a brief moment, my whole being embraced the thought/feeling that the Divine permeates everything. The Divine in me truly acknowledges the Divine in you. How? Can't say. I do think that embracing Love is the closest I can get to experiencing and sharing the Divine. So, I send out love. Some days, that's all I can do. And it is the best that I can do. I love you.